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Wordpress Web Development: Pros and Cons

The initial intention of creating WordPress was for it to serve as a blogging platform. The significant levels of applications coupled with its usefulness made it the largest Content Management System (CMS) the market has ever come across. At the time of writing this article, it has been used in the creation and administration of 27% of websites on the internet. Wordpress has made its mark as a leader in the CMS industry. Wordpress is now a highly recommended CMS for all forms of businesses.

While Wordpress can serve as the solution to the most pressing needs of owning and operating a website at all levels, adequate care must be taken to understand its strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we shall examine the pros and cons of choosing WordPress as your CMS.

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Pros of choosing WordPress

1. User-Friendly CMS:

Website designed with WordPress tends to be more user-friendly than others. It comes as a strong content management system due to its original intended use in blogging. Navigating WordPress sites is quite easy, and it is compatible with all forms of devices from Smartphones, Tablets to PCs thus increasing the availability of your site.

2. Plugins:

Wordpress has over 50, 000 free and paid plugins which can be used to improve the visitors’ experience on your site. These plugins such as event calendar, RSS and Social Media Feeds are used to allow the enhancement of the site. It doesn’t matter the category of change you wish to effect on your WordPress website, and you will definitely come across a WordPress plugin that can help you achieve it.

3. SEO friendly:

The importance of SEO to the relevance of websites cannot be overemphasised. When it comes to SEO, WordPress does a better job than any other CMS in the market. Each category of content uploaded has a description which makes it easy for search engines to locate and rank the content.

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4. Responsive:

Site responsiveness determines the level of engagement obtained from customers. With the different levels and types of themes available in the market, WordPress websites can be optimised as easily as possible to help your visitors have a wonderful time.

5. Open source:

Wordpress functions as an open source software which makes it easy for anybody to study, change and redistribute the source code. All the themes and plugins are offered under the GLPv2 license. Wordpress gives you the ability to openly share codes online and thus save you a lot of time that would have been wasted in the development of the site and cost to be incurred by using existing code.

The cons of using WordPress

The various disadvantages associated with the use of WordPress include the following:

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1. Updates:

While installing updates is very important for the health of your CMS, it has been identified that this can cause a nuisance in WordPress. The available premium WordPress themes are constantly being updated and improved upon. Even though these updates are essential to maintaining proper security on the WordPress websites, these updates may bring about some minor problems in running the site and thus, may require you to revert to the older WordPress version.

2. Vulnerability:

Since WordPress operates an open source code system, it tends to appear very attractive to hackers. These hackers may find it easy to manipulate these codes to their advantage. Not just in the codes but hackers can install malicious codes in your websites through WordPress themes.

3. Speed:

Wordpress themes are created with a lot of unnecessary generic codes which may interfere with the proper functioning of the WordPress website. This line of codes can have an adverse effect on the speed of the site and may cause the site to lag behind. Understanding the right code to be installed requires a perfect understanding of WordPress codes.

4. Customisation:

Customising a WordPress website can be very expensive. Unless you are a WordPress expert, personalising a WordPress website can be a very heinous task. The major problem can come in the form of updates which may predispose your site to malicious codes and attacks.

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Even with the above-stated disadvantages, we strongly recommend the use of WordPress as the best CMS for all website developments. The drawbacks are minor and can be prevented with the best practices. To minimise the level of exposure to hackers and other problems related to WordPress usage, we suggest you engage the services of an expert WordPress developer to educate you on the right themes to install and help you launch the most user-friendly and secure website.

Contact us if you have questions on how best to choose the best expert WordPress developer for your all WordPress development. Interact with us by dropping your comments in the comment section. We will be glad to hear from you.

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