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Why should you use Wordpress website for your small business?

As a small business owner in a competitive market where a few market giants control all the limited customers, the usefulness of a high performing website cannot be overemphasised. The better performing the website gets, the higher your chances of ranking higher in searches and the bigger the level of audience you control. In most cases, sites are created for exposing a certain brand or product to the market to attract the right customers or increase sales.

Wordpress is one of the best tools that can improve your market relevance and assist you in attracting the right customers even in a busy market. Depending on your reason for the creation of the website, it is of paramount importance that you take note of the fact that WordPress is easy to use even for a Newbie who knows little or nothing about coding. Kindly read our article on “The benefits of Using Wordpress for your website development” for more information.

As a small business, perhaps all you want is a few static pages on your website, or you need something great that will display information about your company, the level of services rendered and how best to contact you whenever they are in need, then you can leverage on the vast benefits of WordPress for your business.

Reasons Why WordPress is the best For Your Small Business Website

There are several reasons why it is advisable to create a WordPress based website for your small business. For this article, we shall focus on the five most important reasons which include:

1. It is cost effective

As a start-up business or company, one of the significant challenges that you will be greeted with is the issue of finance to get all the vital tools needed for your business growth. Websites created in WordPress are very cost effective and can be achieved by all levels of small businesses. The level of services and usefulness of these sites cannot be overstated. With as low as $300, you can place your hands on a professionally designed website. When you use WordPress for business, it grants you total control over your posts, site contents, images and traffic generation thus taking care of the need to employ extra hands to do this job.

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2. Easy to customise

The way and manner in which your site is designed to determine the client’s engagement or interaction with you. Wordpress offers all users different categories of the theme which can be applied to a varying degree of complexity. These themes and plugins give you a chance to customise your site to your taste even without the intervention of a web design guru.

3. You can Change Navigation Menu- Experiment

In most of the custom built websites, the navigation menu is already fixed and cannot be changed easily. The use of WordPress grants you full access into the ability to change the navigation menu. This is excellent flexibility offered by WordPress and one of the reasons why it remains the best Content Management system in the market.

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4. Create Unlimited Pages

As a small business owner, you may have a few pages you want to get across to the audience, and you may be limited by the availability or flexibility offered by some of the web design platforms, then it’s time to give WordPress a chance. It gives you the opportunity to have some pages which you can easily add whenever you want. Wordpress takes care of your need to hire a web developer to add a page to your site. Thus, helping you to save lots of money and time.

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5. Enhance Your Website With Free Plugins

Free plugins such as event calendar, social media feeds, RSS feeds and comment boxes are offered either for free or for a small token which is very much affordable. These plugins function like mobile phone apps and can be used for virtually anything you want to be carried out on your site, ranging from planning events to navigation icons. At the time of writing this article, WordPress has over 50, 000 free plugins and a few paid ones too.


Gone are the days when you need to be a programming guru to own a site, nowadays you can own and run a functional website with a basic knowledge of WordPress. It is quite easy to use, come with lots of customizable features and thousands of free plugins and themes which makes your website a joy to behold. Since exposure and customer relation is very crucial to the success of any form of a site, adequate care must be taken in the fact that WordPress is search engines’ favourite. Kindly interact with us by dropping your comments or queries in the comment box; we will love to hear from you.

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