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Brad Smith Brad Smith, August 20, 2019

Tips on how to maintain online security as a marketer


Cybersecurity is not a reserve of any one technological area. Most marketers use various online platforms, ranging from blogs, emails, social network sites such as Facebook and Instagram and online programs. Marketers also have to be very aware of cybersecurity, and there are a few things they can do to be secure:

Update your website

Updating your website does not mean updating your content. Your (CMS) or Content Management System, has to be regularly updated for security purposes, just like you periodically update your computer’s operating system. Hackers prowl the internet looking for outdated and vulnerable CMSs.

The hackers run scripts which scour the internet for sites with particular CMSs. When they discover one, the texts take over and alter content, change the functionality of the system, corrupt your data or completely delete your entire site. These scripts are automated and are capable of scanning sites in their thousands. Your website can be infected within seconds, and you have to update your site regularly to make sure it does not.

Have strong passwords with 2-factor authentication

Make sure your company’s accounts have strong passwords. You may make them easy to remember if they are shared, but you have to ensure everyone agrees on the said password. Social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook allow you to access and run a company page and therefore need stronger passwords for all the page’s admins.

However, that said, passwords need a 2-factor authentication to make them secure. A multifactor authentication sign-in requires two forms of authentication before login. Each person with administrative rights can use the shared password and another type of authentication such as a fingerprint or retina, which makes it impossible for a hacker to impersonate them.

Always know who has site access

Always be aware of the people with site access. If you have different people who have access to various accounts such as email, social media, website, etc., make sure you know who has access. If there is a breach, then you can easily find out where the leak is, and plug it.

Get a password manager

A password manager is the ultimate solution for marketers who have to deal with multiple social media and email accounts. It is software that stores and manages passwords for users with various reports. It stores passwords by encrypting them and providing secure access to all the password data via a master password.

Get a password generator

A password generator creates secure passwords for each site you use. The default settings usually generate passwords that are strong enough, but you can always add characters to the password. The password manager comes in handy in managing all the different passwords.

A hacker will quickly crack your passwords if you use obvious passwords such as your dog’s name or child’s birthday in plain text. The password generator creates a string of words or characters and stores them as your answers to your security questions.

Encourage a security culture

Ensure you cultivate a security culture within your marketing team. Make security a top priority across the entire team. Once the team is aware of the risks, it is easier for them to detect phishing scams. Encourage the team to report any breaches that happen so that the leaks can be sealed.


Security starts with you and trickles down to your marketing team. Updating your site is the first step in the right direction. Secure passwords with 2 step authentication are suitable for most accounts with multiple administrators. Knowing who has access to any given site is essential so that you can pinpoint where a breach has occurred. A password manager and generator work well in storing and generating unique passwords that are impossible to crack.

Last but not least, encourage a culture of security sensitivity within your entire marketing team. When everyone is aware of the security risks, they are better able to be on the lookout for potential scams and prevent them before they occur. If they do occur, reporting the breach as soon as possible is encouraged so that repair is carried out before more harm is done.

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Brad Smith

Written by Brad Smith

Brad Smith is a technology expert at TurnOnVPN, a non-profit promoting a safe, secure, and censor-free internet. He writes about his dream for a free internet and unravels the horror behind big techs.

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