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10 Myths about WordPress

Wordpress comes with lots of advantages which makes it the best fit for all your website contents. These advantages make WordPress the most widely used blog platform on the internet and its other version. As true as this may be for the website development platforms, there is an infinite amount of information about the advantages of WordPress. Kindly read our article on the pros and cons of WordPress for website development.

Before now, there is a general belief system about WordPress. These myths have restricted the use of WordPress in the creation of other forms of applications. In this article, we shall discuss 10 myths about WordPress to ascertain their truth values.

1. WordPress is only good for creating blogs

While this may be true in some aspects, it should be noted that WordPress was created for creating blogs, but its broad applications can be utilised in other forms of website developments. This is evident in a large number of sites and virtual shops that utilise WordPress for all their developments. Big sites such as TechCrunch, BBC America, The New Yorker, Sony Music's official website uses WordPress as a platform.

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2. WordPress doesn’t support high volumes of traffic

Although this has been adequately discussed in the previous points, there is a need to understand that WordPress can cope with high amounts of traffic. Sites such as WordPress are not responsible for keeping the site online when it is experiencing high traffic. This is strictly the responsibility of the server that hosts the site.

3. WordPress is unsafe

Most new users are of the view that using WordPress as a website content development is exposed to a high lack of security. While this may be true, this is not a fact. Your WordPress website is as secure as a bank vault if you do the right thing. Make sure you take special precautions in ascertaining the level of safety of all themes and plugins before installing them.

4. WordPress is free

Although WordPress may let you sign up for free, adequate care should be taken to take note of the fact that everything offered on the platform is being paid for in one way or the other. You will be required to pay for hosting services, use of premium themes and plugins. Take your time to read the terms and conditions guiding the use of free themes. Even though you will be required to pay for one thing or the other, using WordPress is far cheaper than other alternatives available in the market.

5. WordPress is complicated and hard to use

Use of WordPress is by far the simplest thing you could ever come across. This platform has become more popular over the years just because it is one of the best platforms on which it is easiest to set up and personalise new sites. The problem found with this is that most people tend to give up even before finding the right theme. These plugins make it easy whenever you are creating or editing posts on WordPress.

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6. WordPress has no support

Wordpress plugins may be offered for free and come with an open code; it doesn’t mean it lacks any form of support even though there is other free software out there. The WordPress community is organised and launched into the Wordpress Codex, which is a complete manual that tells you everything you need to know.

7. WordPress isn’t good for creating e-commerce sites

This is one of the essential worries people tend to have. The main reason for this is lack of safety which has been discussed already and the supposed incapability of WordPress of supporting a large number of products. The fact that WordPress is used for the creation on eBay, one of the world’s largest online shop makes it clear that this is a myth.

8. Sites built on WordPress are slow

This is a misconception. Wordpress is constantly being updated to accommodate the changes in the market and to improve its performance. The reason why WordPress is slow is that some of the plugins and themes are poorly-programmed. Bear in mind that the activity of the server is a significant influence on your site’s speed. Get a good server, and you will not have to worry about speed.

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9. WordPress is full of bugs

Bugs don’t come from WordPress itself, and they arise from untrustworthy themes or plugins. This is the reason why you need to double check on them before installing. Always keep in touch with the WordPress development community to obtain adequate information about the themes.

10. Sites on WordPress don’t work well on mobile devices

Wordpress sites are mobile friendly with great GUI. This means that your WordPress websites can be displayed on both PC and mobile devices.

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Most of the myths about WordPress are not completely true. They are issues that can be fixed with the right application. Interact with us by dropping your comments in the comment section. We will be glad to hear from you.

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