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SEO benefits of using WordPress website

The primary reason behind building a website in the 21st century is to establish an online presence, to become more visible to customers and to give them an idea of what they stand to gain by engaging your services. Most of these clients search for a business that offers the same type and category of the services they are interested in on search engines. The search engine usually produces a result by searching the entire web archive in search of the keyword or something similar and displays them to the client. The better your keyword combination in a given website, the more exposure you tend to get from the search engines.

As a business owner in the 21st century, the benefits of using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in increasing your overall visibility and ranking higher in searches cannot be overemphasised. The use of these keywords does not only improve the level of engagement you receive as a site owner but the total number of leads you can generate.

Having known the importance of SEO to websites, most WordPress themes tend to come already preinstalled with features such as titles, meta titles, categories and description tags which makes them compatible with SEO practices. In this article, we shall focus on the SEO benefits of using a WordPress website.

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1. WordPress is easy to manipulate:

One of the factors that make a WordPress website the best for SEO practices is found in the level of flexibility it offers to the users. This easy access tends to assist the site owner on the best ways to go about with the insertion of the keywords to make the sites rank better. The moment you create a WordPress site, your URL structure is automatically set up by WordPress to be according to their set down rules and patterns. During your account creation, WordPress offers you 5 essential settings which are centred on the need to have a clear navigation structure. It is this navigation structure that better adapts your site to search engine optimisation.

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2. Availability of plugins:

WordPress grants all its users an unprecedented authority to make use of plugins such as Yoast SEO which gives you a checklist of changes you can build on your website if you must rank higher in searches. It also points you to the parts of the site that will need improvement to become more user-friendly and SEO compliant. These plugins are available in plenty thus giving you a variety to choose from.

3. Ability to categorise your website with tags:

By using WordPress as a website development tool, you can place your content into categories which will assist Google and other search engines to find you faster and define what you post in about a greater detail and also help you to categorise your content for readers. For instance, when making a post on the websites about the tips of marketing through your WordPress website, WordPress gives you the ability to place the article under a category known as tips. The moment such a keyword comes up in a search, it becomes easier for to display your site as the best answer.

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4. Image optimisation

The generation of traffic on the internet is all about your ability to create optimised content which will drive both organic and local traffic. Through the use of WordPress, you can optimise your images for SEO. This feature is available whenever you upload your images to a website; you will be provided with some fields which you will be required to fill out to add more value and SEO benefits to the pictures.


5. Easy to use codes:

WordPress website development, unlike other platforms, presents you with very clean codes which are not just simple to understand but also SEO friendly. The simplicity of these codes makes them easy for the search engine bots to index your site. You can make sure all your codes are kept clean by using a well-developed theme and plugins which ensures your site doesn’t become too code heavy.

6. Traffic can be easily monitored on a WordPress site:

Monitoring of traffic is easier through the WordPress platform. It gives you the privilege of getting to know which part of your website is performing up to expectation. This monitored traffic coupled with the combination of plugins can point you to the right solutions on how to rank your sites higher on Google searches.

WordPress provides one of the best combinations of great features and codes which grant the search engine bot access to go through your site, and categories and present you as the best option to the clients. Your business deserves the best; it deserves all the exposure and traffic.

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