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Latest trends in WordPress themes

Design plays a vital role in the effectiveness and user-friendliness of a website. It determines what catches the eyes of the visitor even before reading the content. To keep a cutting-edge design on your site, you need to have a clear understanding of popular themes in the WordPress community. At the time of writing this article, there are over 50, 000 WordPress themes which can be used to make your website appear more appealing to all visitors. These themes are offered either for free or for a small token which is affordable to everyone.

As important as themes may be for a website, there is a great need also to have a clear-cut understanding of when and why to implement these designs and elements to make your site suit the purpose for which it has been created.

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The recent turn of events in the use of WordPress to handle a large audience and in the creation of eCommerce websites and the surge in the total number of themes supported by WordPress is a great achievement to WordPress as a CMS. In this article, we shall take a look at the 6 most exciting trends in WordPress themes today.

1. Website Builders:

These are a group of WordPress themes which come in handy while assisting you in creating a beautiful website design you can boast of. They were created as a result of the paradigm shift in web design which is becoming more and more democratised. Website builder themes such as Remixer tend to create a great opportunity of what you see is what you get an interface that assists you to customise the look of your web pages quickly. These website builders form the threshold for web design thus, giving the most inexperienced individuals the ability to create striking and unique sites at a very fast rate. The other website builder oriented themes include the Beaver Builder, Elementor and the Gutenberg editor. These website builders are inspired by what you see is what you get builders and they feature a drag and drop interface for comfortable design and customisation of pages. They are also influenced by the user-friendly and dynamic nature of the builder interfaces.

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2. Minimalism Evolved:

The use of flat designs on websites has been in use for a while now, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. These types of minimalist designs tend to focus on simplicity while using flat colours, clarity and plenty of white space. This does not just focus on showcasing your web contents but also ensures that the average load time of your site is increased and looks great on all devices. This feature is evident in the Arnold theme which is strictly aimed at creatives and also makes excellent use of white space to let the text and images shine. These designs have been evolving to incorporate gradients, shadows, and images to a more significant degree. This is used in the creation of eye-catching designs.

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3. High Saturation and Vibrant Colors:

Gone are the days when it is said that “you can have any colour of your choice as long as it is black.” Those days are long behind us now. In our contemporary times, bold colours and different combinations are widely used. People tend to have different ideas and response to colours. Therefore, this colour scheme can greatly affect how we perceive a brand or website. Based on our research and buffer we have come to discover that 90 per cent of our assessment as far as it comes to products is made based on colour.

4. Asymmetrical and Broken Layouts:

While minimalist and flat designs are great for web pages, there are times when you may want the complete opposite of a clean, neat look. The introduction of asymmetrical and broken layouts opened new doors for designers to push the boundaries through the creation of deliberately broken grids and asymmetrical designs. Albert is one of the themes which have accomplished this. It makes use of sliding images which overlaps elements and a deliberately twisted look which catches your attention and get you focused on the sites.

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5. CSS Grids:

According to web designer Hui Jing Chen, CSS is “the web finally getting its driver’s license.” Based on her opinion, web design has been stuck adhering to print standard for a very long time, and she believes CSS grids is a big step away from this self-imposed limitation.

6. Mobile-Friendly Designs:

The general increase in the number of mobile and smart handheld devices has led to the creation of more mobile-friendly designs aimed at optimising these websites for mobile devices. WordPress theme plays a great role in the design and engagement of your audience. Kindly contact us f you have any question on WordPress, we will be glad to hear from you.

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