Important elements of SEO and why?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; it is a type of campaign strategy that helps in manipulating popular search engines thereby making your website the first page on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), overtaking other websites. It is an activity which ensures that a particular website is found using search engines when looking for certain relevant words or phrases that the site is portraying. SEO is divided into two main parts; On-page SEO and off-page SEO. On-page SEO is that aspects whereby certain implementations can be made to the website to help enhance its ranking in SERP, whereas off-page SEO refers to that part where enhancements can be done outside the website to help strengthen conspicuousness on the web. Here are some elements that will help you in performing the best SEO for your site.


Conducting market research for your SEO campaign is very important if you want to get results. If the ranking for your site is based on the things that your business is not known for, it will attract the wrong people not allowing you to reach the goals of your business. To increase sales for your business and also email subscription rate to your page, you should ensure that the SEO tactics are targeted at the right market. It means you should know the type of contents that people are reading, the keywords that are of relevance in the market and how you can eventually promote your business by increasing the interests of your readers.


Nowadays, search engines are focusing on content quality, making sure that when they are searching for, they are useful and relevant to whoever is searching. It is this content on your site that the search engine will utilize in communicating to the searcher. Creating good material for a website is just like writing an excellent book; the content must include specific keywords and links that will be published in places that will help increase rankings. There is no point talking about skin care products when your business is about something else totally, and this means that the contents on your page must reflect what your business is about. Whatever you are writing should be geared towards giving the searcher the relevant information they are in search for on your website.

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Keywords are known as terms users use when searching for webpages via search engines like Google and Yahoo. Possessing the relevant keywords is very important so that your website can be found in the SERP. These keywords are terms that are connected to your business, and they are as requests when searching in Google. To ensure that you are found in SERPs, you must combine the keywords with the title of your webpages, and also use them in the contents of your website. For better SEO results, it is advised to use these relevant keywords at the start of your text, while ensuring that they are used well in the body of your content.


On-site optimization starts with the analysis of the website as this will help you to discover what the strength and weaknesses of the site are. This element of SEO cannot be ignored, especially if you want to increase the ranking of your page, and convert your visitors to customers. Some technicality is involved in this part, so it is advised to hire the help of an expert to ensure the complete optimization of your site which will serve as a firm ground to construct the remaining of your SEO tactics on.

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It does not end at just creating your content, you will need to optimize the search engine title, and Navigation bar and search bar of the website etc. make sure you that well for the content on the webpages. If you are telling the search engine (Google, Yahoo or Bing) that your page is about drugs and they are reading about fashion, then you can know that is a bad thing. Lousy SEO will give the person searching for a page a horrible impression about yours when they get there. You can decide to use as much as 20 keywords for particular content, the first two keywords can be the most important ones, and the level of importance will keep descending till 20. Just as we have outlined before that your content is the essential element of the SEO, optimizing your page means you are creating a point at that content.



Social media as an element of SEO is used in reaching out to targets online. Social media is tagged as one of the best media that businesses use in interacting with their customers; they also use it to pass out updates about their activities. Companies use social media as a way of promoting their products and services; images, videos and other exciting contents are posted on social media.

An SEO campaign involves some activities, as the elements mentioned above have their sub-tasks under them which is needed for the success of the campaign. Focusing on these elements will ensure the total effectiveness of your campaign.

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Thirumalesh Prasad C G

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