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Hubspot product update for 2019

Right from its inception in 2005, Hubspot has undergone different levels of upgrades which have been aimed at satisfying the growing needs of the customers in the market. This is ever increasing need has kept the Hubspot team on their toes to create the best marketing strategies and platforms which will assist users at all levels gain access to a wide range of products. In this article, we shall take a close look at some of the expected Hubspot product updates in 2019 and how well they will affect the level of service offered by them. These updates include the following;

1. Integration of video meetings in CRM and meeting tools

While using Hubspot meeting tools, there is now a provision for you to add Zoom video meeting link as a default option. This can be utilised whenever you are meeting with a contact in the Hubspot CRM. Zoom is an excellent video communication and meeting software which is available for free activation. One of the reasons for creating this new update is to get rid of the obstacles placed by physical distance when conducting a meeting with prospects, clients or and customers from anywhere across the globe. This feature can also be utilised during meetings to connect one room to other with the sole aim of sharing ideas. The good thing about this feature is that it can be used for marketing.

2. Improved collaborations with new permission in social tools

Whenever you are creating a social media strategy for your brand, there is a need to take transparency and alignment into due consideration. This boosts team performance and allows marketers to track trends in social media by using the social tool. This tool can be used to monitor, publish and prepare reports concerning your social media marketing campaigns and this level of update lets you collaborate with your team members thus maintaining a high level of security throughout the entire process. With the new permission, you can decide who gains access to post items on your social media page.

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3. Google+ will be disabled from the social tools

In 2018, Google+ announced that it would cease to support the API on which the Hubspot integration was built on, and they will permanently disable Google+ from the HubSpot social tools in April 2019. Although this is quite a sad update most especially to individuals who depend on the utilisation of Google+ in the social tools. The proceedings for the process is expected to start on January 28, 2019, and the group of Hubspot management have agreed to disable Google+ from the social tools permanently. While trying to explain the effect of this update on the Hubspot community, the Hubspot expert had this to say;

“As HubSpot's social tool evolves, our team is focused on providing you with the tools you need to have the most impact on the social channels where your users are active. As it stands today, Google+ is the least used of our five supported networks. Removing Google+ gives us the opportunity to focus more heavily on our other supported networks, and explore new ways to help you find success with your social strategy.”

4. Introduction of business card scanner for iOS and Android OS

The market is evolving, and so is the need for the type of services offered by Hubspot hence one of the reasons why it is focused on the conversion of business cards into contacts. The act of sharing business cards is gradually becoming obsolete. This is usually associated with the type of stress associated with moving these cards from one meeting to the other and having to input them into contact lists manually. With the introduction of the business card scanner from Hubspot, you can easily convert as many business cards as possible into contacts. This method is more effective and requires less time. The application is available for download at the moment.

5. Awesome file management options

There is nothing that takes away the time of marketers other than the ability to effectively manage files. Before now, all Hubspot imports are carried out manually thus requiring lots of time and resources. To remedy this situation, Hubspot has been able to create three wonderful updates aimed at assisting you to manage files with the best level of effectiveness. With these new updates, you will be able to import several items at once rather than the manual and laborious already existing methods in the Hubspot CRM. These updates come in the form of multi-file association import, single-file multi-object import and features for importing notes.

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Hubspot is the best platform for Inbound Marketing

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