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Thirumalesh Prasad C G Thirumalesh Prasad C G, August 6, 2019

How SEO improve your website rank

One question that most people ask is - what is SEO, and how does it operate? For those business owners that are just designing their website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be confusing. But it shouldn’t be that way. Even without any standard experience about SEO, you can make real changes that will help enhance your SEO. Having that little knowledge in you can be the one way you can improve your website ranking on SEO. We will be giving you the answer you have been searching for – what is SEO, and how does it work? But before we answer that, we will have to discuss the basic concept of SEO so you can have a better knowledge of how it affects your website ranking.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involves a set of tactics and strategies that are employed to help your website gain traffic from SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). These set of plans include creating, writing and designing a website to increase traffic from users of search engines. This SEO is carried out with the goal that your website will be ranked higher by search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). The effectiveness of your SEO campaign can influence the ranking of your website on search engines, which means that websites that are ranked higher by search engines are labelled by and picked by the amount of traffic they get.

How do Search Engines work?

SEO gets complex when you consider the factors that affect your website's ranking; the basic idea behind it is not hard to understand. Search engines function in providing the best results to users, and this signifies that they gather results based on the relevancy of the users search and not only the quality of the contents on a site. For this to happen, search engines will perform its four primary functions- crawling, creating an index, conducting relevancy and ranking, and producing results. With this, they are able relevant results for those searching for any particular keywords or phrases. Likewise, the search engines scan the website for user-friendly features like ease of navigation, readability, and rank those websites with these features higher.

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SEO- tips benefits

Search engine optimization is that technique that businesses employ to help rank their website higher on search engines for specific relevant keywords and keyword phrases. For example, let’s say you wrote an article on how to fix a leaking roof. For you to get your content to the right audiences, you need to optimize the report so that it will show among the top results when a user searches for the phrase ‘fix leaking roof.’

SEO has numerous benefits it can provide for your business. When you improve your SEO, you are working towards enhancing your visibility on SERPs. By doing this, you can reach your target audiences/customers and engage them with high quality and effective SEO-focused content.

Factors that affect SEO

Now that we have a better understanding of how SEO works, let us have a look at some factors that can either change your SEO ranking positively and negatively. None of the search engines will give you the real algorithm that is used in classification. But when you have a better understanding of the factors that can affect your SEO ranking, you will be sure to know how to gain a higher ranking on SERPs and maintain it. These factors are further divided into on-page and off-page factors which are discussed below.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO involves those elements that are on your website. You have total control over them, meaning you can work on improving those factors with time to get the best results. Some of the on-page SEO factors that can enhance your ranking on search engines are;

  • Title tags.
  • Sub-headings.
  • Meta Data/ Description.
  • Image names.
  • Internal linking.

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Off-page SEO

In addition to those on-page SEO elements, we also have off-page SEO factors that can affect your website ranking. These factors you do not have control over, but there are methods and techniques that you will apply to help improve the chances you have at these elements working in your favour. Factors to consider include;

  • Creating backlinks. Work with other related business that can write quality content and link back to materials on your website.
  • Be social. Get active on social media channels, and use these platforms to share links to relevant contents on your website.
  • Form trust. Google uses a trust to check how genuine and legitimate your website is. And the best way to form that trust is by creating backlinks to your website.

Have it in mind that SEO does not work immediately; it is implemented, and you do not start seeing results overnight. The truth is it might take months before you can begin reaping the benefits of your campaign. By creating high-quality, relevant contents that are focused on giving answers to users problems is the most effective way to gain that long-lasting online presence that will help you acquire visitors and rank higher.

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Thirumalesh Prasad C G

Written by Thirumalesh Prasad C G

Thirumalesh Prasad C G (Thiru) is an entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO of Inboundsys, India's No.1 Hubspot partner agency, and an IT services company. Before starting Inboundsys, Thiru has had 12 years of experience working for various multinational IT products and services companies in India and abroad. He has been a significant member and worked as a user interface architect in designing the user interface for many web applications and products. In addition to running Inboundsys, he is also an advisory board member in a couple of other design studios and digital marketing agencies. He is a passionate blogger and a writer who loves writing on digital marketing, inbound marketing, lifestyle, philosophy, positive thinking, and motivation.

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