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Free tools you can use for testing responsive layouts.

Responsive design is the contemporary pattern all modern website want. Attaining this requires more effort, but the aftermath is worthwhile. Responsive layout is the most important approach every modern website designer should know. No one wants to visit a website and have his or her screen jam-packed with the web content because the website is not responsive.

Also, it is quite crucial that responsive layout designers also understand its principle when designing website; Responsive design makes your site mechanically adjust itself to all browsers and all reader's screen size. We have once been there, where we needed to get vital information on a web page, but the web page was disorganized just because the responsive layout was not well designed.

However, after you have designed your responsive layout, we advise that you should check the usability and stability of the website on various viewport sizes, using various responsive design tools to confirm how it looks at each phase. Need to test your responsive layout, but you do not know how to go about it? If yes, you are at the right place. We will introduce you to some free tools that you can make use of.

These tools are very easy to understand and are user-friendly. That is why we always recommend them for responsive layout testing. The superlative ones among these tools make you examine justly how the content should display in the multi-screen world (smartphones, tablets, laptop and various screen sizes).

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Responsinator is a very simple and enjoyable tool, which can be used on various devices including iPhones, Android, and Ipad with different reviews such as portrait and landscape. This site can record each device analysis in an upright column instead of using a parallel scrollbar.

What makes it easier, is its ability to switch between HTTP and HTTPS. And it also helps to relate with your page, typing into search fields, click on links depending on the URL entered to have an idea of how the layout of the page could be when using different devices.

Viewport resizer

This is one of the best free tools used for testing responsive layouts. You can make better use of viewport resizer by saving the bookmarklet, click on the page you want to test, click on your created bookmarklet and check all kinds of screen resolutions of the page. It also used to examine various purposes such as testing the responsiveness of website and resizing the specific dimension of browsers to your taste.

Designmodo Responsive test

It is a free, versatile tool, which was designed by Designmodo. It can be used in designing responsive breakpoints. This tool has an arrangement of a page that is grip-based, and it enables you to preview a browser based on certain measurement. You can drag the preview pane to fit whatever screen measurement you are testing.

Also, you can drag the sample sheet to fit any screen width you are testing in conjunction with the measurement of the formerly defined device. You can pick from some of the regular screen sizes on device symbol in the top-right angle and therefore make these tools ideal for checking any device.


Xrespond helps to sample how several websites appear on a variety of devices. To distinguish the screen arrangement you have to work in a parallel manner where you have to scroll towards one side.

You can know the accurate size and dimension of the label above each screen. There is the wide collection of devices such as Smartphone, tablets, and laptops that are used for testing particular devices from the drop-down menu.

In short, if you want to observe the appearance of your site on a particular monitor, the drop-down menu can maintain a routine dimension setting. Xresponds is an excellent tool that is capable of giving support to various device styles and a right responsive design tool.

Responsive design checker

URL is so much substantial in responsive design checker that you can boast a complete influence over the responsive texting space immediately you enter it. You can change the dimension anyhow and yet use it to equal definite screen ratios.

You can get many screen sizes that their functions have been defined previously for general devices and yet the most modern cell phone like Google Pixel.

Unexpectedly, it can sustain the outsized screen magnitude to work well on small devices all because of its facility to change the size of preview pane base on proportion and not whole pixel measurement.

Google mobile test

Google occupied with the vast dedicated portable tool, which is used for identifying issues on your website on mobile and not a tool for previewing and marking UI bugs.

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Moreover, you can merely succeed or be unsuccessful as a mobile-friendly site once the test is undergone. Google provides guidelines based on the areas of difficulty and places that still need improvement when it realises it could be quite nonspecific for web designers. Get this acknowledged as a reliable mobile testing tool; you could get information together from this enormous medium, possibly the most convincing corporation on the website.

Matt Kersley's responsive tool

This is a testing tool that has few accompaniments, and it is a simpler tool compared to others. It is designed and developed by Matt Kersley to carry out a responsive layout. It is a five-fixed size, simple aligned site previewer such as 240px, 320px, 480px, 768px, 1024px.

Preview pane has scrollbars for you to be able to scroll through materials with ease. This is, in fact, paramount for testing singular pages because you cannot connect and browse through any extra pages in the panes. Few simple testing tools can do a very great work offering default measurement of 240px.


Designing your website with responsive layouts is great. However, you should also test your responsive layout after you are done designing. Above are some of the free tools you can make use of in testing your responsive designs. Good Luck!

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