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8 Proven tricks to enhance SEO in 2020

2020 can prove to be a revolutionary year for digital marketing as you can see some major updates in SEO this year. All digital marketers will need to get their hands busy as google releases updates frequently. 

You have to be dynamic enough to adapt to the changes and update your websites accordingly with every new release. So, if you are worried about how you can stay up to date with the latest happenings in SEO, you have landed at the right page. We have collected a few proven tips here that you can implement on your website right away. So, without any delay, let’s dive in and find out the tips and tricks that can prove to be highly beneficial for SEO in 2020:

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1. BERT update by google

We all are entirely aware that content plays a main role in digital marketing. This statement became even more justified after google released the BERT update in 2019. In this update, Google not only started concentrating on the content but also on the keywords, how the content is relevant to your business or website and of course, on the user experience. In simple words, if your website doesn’t have any useful information, be ready to get your website down in google rank list. Moreover, Google also started considering the overall reputation of your website. Currently, it considers factors like YMYL (Your Money Your Life) and EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) factors to decide how much value can your site offer to users.

2. Technical SEO and UI factors

Ignoring the design, UI, and overall look of your website is not a wise option for a website owner in this highly competitive era. Your digital platform must be SEO friendly and fabulously presentable for your audience in order to get maximum engagement. Your audience must clearly understand the content, services, and products you have displayed on your website. You need to work with your developers and check if the website is built according to the site structure, keeping in mind how the audience would want the content to be viewed.

3. Always provide the relevant content

If you are using the strategy of keyword stuffing, then it’s time for you to throw that strategy in the trash. As google closely scrutinizes the relevance and quality of your content, you should take it on priority to provide highly audience-centric content. Google is prioritizing highly valuable content and if your content is nothing nut just a stack of keywords, you are going to face some rough days in your online business. You need to gear up your mind for providing valuable, readable and understandable content.

4. You must focus on mobile-indexing

Google now considers your mobile site as the primary site of your business. Hence, if you have a mobile version of your site, you need to make it a completely responsive one. Businesses having only a desktop version of websites have nothing to worry about, as google will consider their desktop version only. However, if you have an unresponsive mobile site, then it impacts your ranking negatively. In the current era, people firstly check out the mobile version of every website to get the information as mobile phones are handy and easily accessible as compared to desktop. Hence, if your website is not user-friendly, then google determines that your site is not easily accessible to people. As it decreases the user experience, your website rank drastically drops down.

5. The loading speed of the pages

If your website takes a lot of time to display on the screen, your chances to get retaining customer count highly decrease undeniably. No-one in this busy world wants to wait for a long time as there are a lot of alternate options for everything available in the market. The only thing you can do is improve the performance of your site. You can optimize your site’s speed by checking the factors like First Contentful Paint (FCP), First Input Delay (FID), Speed Index, First CPU idle, Time to Interactive, and Estimated Input Latency. These options may sound really technical and you might not understand as you are a digital marketer. But a person with tech knowledge will surely know of these terms and they can help you optimize the site so that it can load and display faster. Doing this will not hamper the user experience and so you can maintain the site rank at a high level in google’s eyes.

6. Videos are the new era

Videos contain the visual images of what you are trying to present on your website. Videos have all the important information about your products or services so that the users can understand it without spending much time and the brain as well. Video content is highly engaging as well as entertaining to watch. Moreover, videos pack all the useful, relevant and valuable information of your business for your target audience. Keeping these things in mind, google also considers video content as one of the most important aspects of SEO. Hence, while designing your site, you can allocate some space for the video content and see if the videos are not taking too much time to load when the page is displayed on the screen.

7. Voice search is the new game

Do you know that people are using Amazon Alexa extensively that it became a part of the routine in their lives? Whether to know morning news, playing songs, placing orders or finding information about anything, the voice search enables people to have an easy and flexible life. They design their lifestyle according to it. Apart from Alexa, every voice assistant is invented to enhance the user experience and making it better as per the current standards. So, ensure that your site shows up at the top when people speak about your business in the voice assistants.

8. Rich content in your feather snippets

You might now have realized the importance of feather snippets as users find it most useful to get the information they desire. Hence, it is highly recommended to structure the snippets carefully. It should be relevant to the heading and matching with the title you have chosen. You should use proper keywords and keep it up to date with the latest google updates. Following these rules will optimize the feather snippets and increase the user experience which in turn increases your google rank.

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Content&SEO (1)-1


If you really want to push your game up in 2020, then these above-mentioned rules can help you in making it done without any hustle. Taking care of all these points can guarantee that you are going nowhere away from Google’s eyes. So, start implementing these rules and see how it affects the total rank of your website.

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