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Thirumalesh Prasad C G Thirumalesh Prasad C G, April 2, 2019

5 Most used SEO report generating tools

SEO is not as easy as you may think. It goes beyond ranking a website or product. It is the ability to identify and extract the right keywords which will enable your content or product trend. The market is highly inundated with lots of competitions, and your ability to succeed is dependent on how well you optimise you content. In this article, we shall take a look at some of the essential SEO tools to ease your stress and enable you to rank your business on social media and search engines. Please note; the items listed in this article were based on experience and performance after subjecting them to numerous tests. It is pertinent to note that there are several SEO tools in the market, but for clarity and ease of understanding, we shall focus on the top five.

1. KWFinder (for Keyword Research)

SEO is all about the right keywords, and keyword research is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Before even thinking of going online with your product or service, it is essential that you take note of all the trending keywords to enable you to rank well. With KWFinder you gain access to trending keywords in any niche to increase your conversion rate. It can assist you in generating the perfect long tail keyword ideas. All you will be required to is to input your seed keyword in the search bar and take some coffee. KWfinder will crawl around the internet and return a comprehensive report of not less than 700 keyword ideas. KWFinder does not just return keywords as search results but also give you an insight into the keyword search volume trend, monthly search volume, average cost per click (CPC), Pay per click competition (PPC) and keyword SEO difficulty. It is offered free of charge.

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2. SEMrush (for On Page and Technical SEO)

As the name implies, SEMrush is a paid (with a 14-day trial period) tool which assists you with all you need to know about content marketing agencies success. It is one of the most known SEO software in the market and is sometimes the most preferred SEO and content marketing tools for all marketers all around the world. With SEMrush, you can identify your organic competitors, know the best organic ranking keywords, carry out in-depth market analysis, check types of backlinks, find the best keywords for all your SEO campaigns, track your positions for any keywords and above all gather trending phrases similar to your related keywords.

3. Ahrefs (for Backlink Analysis)

When it comes to backlink analysis, nothing beats the effectiveness and level of ease presented by Ahrefs. It does not just stop at providing you with backlinks but also build new backlinks and disavow toxic backlinks which may lead to problems on your site. At the time of writing this article, Ahrefs has one of the fastest backlink crawlers in the industry with over 15 trilling links thus making it the best tool for backlink analysis. With the is backlink analysis tool, you can carry out nuclear traffic research, check your backlinks, conduct paid traffic to search and above all, research pages and outgoing links.

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Local Seo

4. Moz Local (for Local SEO)

It will interest you to note that about 46% of all searches conducted on Google are local, 78% of all local-mobile searches performed end up in sales, and 88% of the clients have more confidence in online reviews as much as personal recommendations. These and many more reasons are why you should consider heading to paid Local SEO analysis. Moz local is a free tool designed with local SEO in mind. It comes in handy in assisting you in boosting local visibility of your business and ensuring that your business listings are accurate, consistent and visible to many users. With Moz local, you can submit the precise location of your business to all major data aggregators and online directories to assist you close duplicate business listing and update your listings. You can also carry out location data management, SEO and local ranking analytics, API access and reputation management.


5. Ninja Outreach (for Blogger Outreach)

This tool come in handy when you are building backlinks for your website. Right from its introduction into the market, it has assisted blog owners in conducting an effective outreach strategy for their websites. The app helps you create successful influencer outreach campaigns. It has a database of over 25 million websites which contains influencers from every niche in your country. With this tool, you can collect contact information, get backlinks with guest graphics and infographics, do link building and many more.

Most of these tools are available for free and are easy to use. Kindly contact our team of experts if you have issues with using any of the devices listed above. We will love to hear from you. Don’t forget to share this article.

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Thirumalesh Prasad C G

Written by Thirumalesh Prasad C G

Thirumalesh Prasad C G (Thiru) is an entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO of Inboundsys, India's No.1 Hubspot partner agency, and an IT services company. Before starting Inboundsys, Thiru has had 12 years of experience working for various multinational IT products and services companies in India and abroad. He has been a significant member and worked as a user interface architect in designing the user interface for many web applications and products. In addition to running Inboundsys, he is also an advisory board member in a couple of other design studios and digital marketing agencies. He is a passionate blogger and a writer who loves writing on digital marketing, inbound marketing, lifestyle, philosophy, positive thinking, and motivation.

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