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Thirumalesh Prasad C G Thirumalesh Prasad C G, June 25, 2019

10 SEO Resources to clarify your doubt

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is unavoidable for owners of websites and marketers that use the internet. This SEO is the technique that helps you generate the ranking your websites get by drawing audience. But many don't turn out to have successful ranking even after doing the SEO, and this might be either they didn't do the right thing, or they are not looking at the right path for answers. Ignoring even the smallest of details when it comes to SEO can harm your ranking. It is always advised to hire the help of professionals or seek advice from the best available guides online if you want to do it yourself (DIY).

To have a successful SEO, you need to have your objectives and goal at the back of your mind, paying total attention to every element of the SEO. You do not just do an SEO technique and abandon it, but you have to take note of your progress as there is always pressure due to the evolution of search engine algorithms. SEO as a method of technology application in marketing has lots of advantages, and there also exist numerous ways by which it can be made even more straightforward and easy to do. Some of these methods are available as platforms where you have to pay, but there are other free options for businesses with low budgets- this does not mean those methods are not valid.


As we already know that SEO is one of the best methods to increase traffic on your website without any budget for advertisement. This is of massive advantage to businesses as they can now face their competitors even with low budget. With SEO technique, there is a possibility to enhance your business appearance online. Before I go into the resources I have for today, and I will give you some tips to help ensure the success of SEO.

  • Start a Business Blog, and this increases the chances you get at your customers reaching you.
  • Proper optimization of your website helps you gain a higher ranking on search engine results.
  • Linking your website to other websites related to yours plays an essential role in improving the visibility of your business SEO.
  • Interact with your customers by responding to their reviews and comments. With this, you gain their trust and enhance the visibility of your business online

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Monitor the progress.

Which leads us to the resources that can be used to help monitor the progress and success of your SEO campaigns.

SEO Starter Guide for Google

The most common SEO resource for learners. Google itself provides the guide, hence its effectiveness. It can be gotten as a .pdf file on laptops and mobile devices.

Google Analytics.

Another resource tool provided by Google. It can be used to manage multiple websites- to track information about your traffic and where they are coming from. It is a useful tool to use and check the success of your campaign.


This is also used to show how good or bad the optimization of your website is. It performs four major functions

  • To conduct a test on your website and give ideas on better SEO.
  • It will reveal to you if your page is optimized correctly for your used keyword(s).
  • To also compare two websites for the keyword used.
  • And most importantly, to check your website's ranking.

MOZ beginners guide for SEO

MOZ is much known when it comes to SEO. They also like Google has prepared a guide for use by learners. It is ten chapters.

Google Webmaster Tools

It is another tool like Google analytics, but with other added features. It will give you more information about the performance of your site (and also provide recommendations). With this resource, you will get a notification whenever your website is not functioning, and when you are violating the policy of Google.

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Wordstream SEO guide

Wordstream is popularly known for its software for marketing on the internet. They also have a guide for Google SEO, which is worth going through for better understanding.

Google Keyword Planner

Always used for AdWords, it is also useful for keyword use. You can generate with it many concepts for keywords and key-phrases.

Keyword Explorer by Moz

Although Google's Keyword Planner is useful, but not perfect. With this Moz's Keyword Explorer, you get more good and healthy ideas of the type of keywords to use.


Available in both the free and paid version, you can monitor the SEO position of your website and that of your competitors. You are allowing to plan and strategize in a more useful direction.

SERPs Rank Checker

Since Google won't give you the information on how your website ranking is on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), you can keep an eye on how your website is ranking for keywords and key-phrases used. With all these tools mentioned, they allow you to create plans that will help conduct your SEO campaigns in ways that are more effective and productive.

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